Faces of Dutch Racism Ronald Van Raak, André Bosman and Nardy Cramm

The former Parliamentarians and the prostitute. How it became okay for European trash elites to condemn entire countries of minorities

Ronald Van Raak and André Bosman loved to call out the Dutch Islands concerning corruption, using a not quite former prostitute posing as an investigator and attorney, to condemn and slander entire Islands and its people.

Ronald Van Raak and André Bosman conveniently left Parliament before the shit could hit the fan.

The prostitute from Leeuwarden that were used to attack the islands, has big plans… but they will all be at some point inside a court room… explaining exactly how a prostitute, only known for trafficking cocaine in her vagina in and out of ports from Europe to the Caribbean.. Suddenly become a paragon of morals and ethics, concerning gambling and prostitution?

Nardy Cramm, the confessed prostitute, is just an old dog that two Parliamentarians thought new tricks.

Ronald Van Raak would never deny her, knowing how much time he spent at her ‘villa’.

This was supposed to be just a page in a blog, but after spending three years writing of my experience with André Bosman, Ronald Van Raak and their not quite retired prostitute Nardy Cramm… I had to create a blog, for this soon to be published book.

And I fully intend to end up in court, where everything will be exposed for the world to see.

Curaçao didn’t know what hit them, could not understand why.

Well that’s why I’m here.